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Speedo World

Women's Fastskin

  • Increased compression - intense, targeted compression plus excellent freedom of movement.
  • AB ACTIVATORS™ - for increased water sensitivity and improved body positioning.
  • DRAG REDUCTION - ultrasonically welded seams reduce skin friction drag.
  • LASER CUT STRAPS - for a more comfortable fit around the shoulders.
  • IMPROVED BODY POSITIONING - support seams hold the body higher in the water.
LZR Racer Pulselite Fabric
Light, powerful and durable.
Ab ActivatorsTM
Laser-cut panels in the suit’s core liner increase water sensitivity while prompting you to align yourself correctly.
LZR Racer CompreX Fabric
LZR Racer CompreX uses one way stretch technology, stretching vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke. It's resistant to horizontal stretch providing high compression and reducing drag but increasing the muscles' efficiency.

Men's Fastskin

  • SUPPORT SEAMS - ultrasonically bonded seams promote better body positioning.
  • INTENSE MUSCULAR COMPRESSION - zoned compression for improved hydrodynamics.
  • ATHLETE APPROVED - worn by, and created alongside, the world’s fastest swimmers.
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - excellent freedom of movement through every stroke.
Support seams
Maximised support seams improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness.
Increased compression & freedom of movement
A combination of 2 two unique fabrics offers horizontal stretch resistance providing intense targeted muscular compression but still allows excellent freedom of movement through every stroke.

Fastskin Cap & Goggles

  • HYDRODYNAMIC - our fastest, most hydrodynamic cap and goggles.
  • IQfit™ 3D GOGGLE SEAL - unparalleled fit for maximum leak resistance.
  • LOW PROFILE - streamlined racing goggle reduces drag for a faster swim.
  • WORLD’S FIRST 3D CAP - improved fit following global head scanning research.
  • ENHANCED DRAG REDUCTION - when Fastskin Cap and Goggle are worn together.

Worn by winners and proven in the pool

"These new LZR Racer X colours are amazing! They make me feel confident and stand out on the blocks. I cannot wait to race in them!”

Pernille Blume
The fastest woman in the world*
*50m freestyle